Building the AI CRM we always wanted, because why settle for less when you can have it all?

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At Y Combinator office
At Y Combinator office
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Our Vision

Every other CRM on the market previously built a system of records, that changes now. Instead of a system of records, now it’s possible to build a system of actions thanks to AI.

Octolane is building AI-first Salesforce. Our software does a lot more than just storing customer data. It predicts your next actions and takes care of that for you. It uses AI to find the best customers, does lead scoring, reaches out to them and closes them. You can also generate any forecasts or reports from thousands of data points with one click or natural language command. You can communicate with hundreds of customers at the same time and predict their next actions.

Customers are switching from HubSpot to us after spending thousands of dollars on their implementation.

We are using AI to automate writing many of the integrations that keep customers locked into Salesforce and then we are going to take all of their customers too. Killing Salesforce is a $300 billion market cap opportunity that is just waiting for someone to finally grab it.

Also, no one works at Salesforce office after 4pm and I am here at our office on a Saturday afternoon on boarding a series B customer while fixing our scalability issues and my co-founder is not gonna sleep until we fix every single GitHub issues. I asked him to go to sleep because he is tired, but he is just not gonna do it. He is built different.


Because we don’t have enough. Our dream companies are still their clients. My co-founder and I are best friends for 10+ years and we are first generation immigrant. I dropped out of Duke from a full scholarship program to do things that seems impossible and to help others.

Today, at this very moment, we are going through once in a lifetime opportunity and the industry is moving faster than we can possibly imagine.

Who wouldn’t jump on this rocket ship?

– Octolane Team